19/6/21 - Glendronnach vs Glenfiddich

19/6/21 - Glendronnach vs Glenfiddich


It's a good ol' fashioned Whisky Shootout. Yee Haw. 

Join the Wolf rabble as we put it to the test: which is better? Glenfiddich or Glendronnach? 


You'll try

Glendronnach 12YO

Glenfiddich 12YO

Glendronnach 15YO

Glenfiddich 15YO

Then choose your favourite an receive a nip of either:

Glenfiddich 18YO, or

Glendronnach 18YO


Tickets $50, limited by stocks to 30 places. 


Saturday 19th June

2pm - 4pm

Howlin Wolf Wollongong